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What is AvantaCloud?
AvantaCloud is a Multi-Purpose Company. We offer alot of services. A minecraft studio, made up of people from various parts of the world with different talents, we have a Map Makers service, Server Configuration, among other things.

Why do you choose AvantaCloud?
Because not only we have this many services but we also offer it for affordable prices, and we can also provide you a test server so you can test the performance out.

Fast/Good Support
We provide a fast/good support for me (communication = key) to all things especially for customers.
Proffestional Behaviour
We will do our best to keep having this kind of behaviour (immatured staffs can be demoted) just report if you have seen one (provide proofs)

Fast Services
Our Minecraft Builts Store is for the people who are looking to get a high quality build instantly, without going through the process of getting one made.In our builts store, you can simply view our catalog and purchase a build which you love the most!

Don't have money to buy/hire services?
At AvantaCloud we care about our followers who do not yet have the budget to purchase a build from our online store, so we have created a discord where the entire discord community can join and enjoy some free maps made for everyone, and the best , WHITHOUT ADS!

Service Price
We are doing our best to keep the prices affordable as we can so that the "members" can afford our services.

Building Services
Hub/Lobby, Server Spawn, Modern House, Medieval House, Custom Builds price depends on your request

Hosting Services
Minecraft Hosting, Discord-Bot Hosting, Game Hosting

Minecraft Services
Plugin Config/Setup, Server Setups, Maps&Schematics

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