WalGallen Geek Club

A server dedicated to Geeks or people interested in my projects (Indie Game, Pixel Art, Streaming)
Theres a little bit of everything for Gamers, Weebs, Music Lovers, Artists, Game Devs, Streamers.

Some of the activities are:

  • Catch Pokemon and build a team
  • Get your favorite waifu and play an anime card game
  • Get random memes and animemes
  • Check out and test KOTOMASHO, the game I'm working on, and follow the development closely
  • Promote your Art, Indie Game or Stream
  • Don't know what to draw? Get a random art prompt!
  • Just wanna chill while working or studying? We have a 24/7 Lofi Radio voice channel
  • Or you can just use the text channels to start a conversation and find new friends to hang out, listen to some music or maybe play games with!

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These are all of our emotes!


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