Transport Australia

Welcome to Transport Australia

We are a community of Australian (and international*) transport enthusiasts, in an active discord server! We love public transport (not just rail), which is why we created this server. Some features that we have compared to other Australian transport servers are:

  • Dedicated channels for each mode of transport, with categories that separate each state, as well as a dedicated international section.
  • Public and whitelisted Content Creator section, allowing people to showcase their content, whether it's photos or videos.
  • Active staff team, that consists of transport fans and foamers.
  • Separate community channels, that do not relate to public transport
  • Community levelling system, with rewards for people who are active on the server.
  • Tons of transport fans and foamers.

So, if your a transport fan or you just want to get talking, why don't you join us?

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