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Free stocks & crypto trade alerts. When to buy - when to sale.
Interactive trading syste- record your trades with our bot, get scored on each one, rank top of the leaderboards to access prize pool.

Our system logs each trade you input, calculates stats, and scores you accordingly. Know what stocks/crypto top traders are making plays on.

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4 Ratings
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    for beginners and experts alike

    ! ! a a a#0001October 31, 2021

    Any trader can benefit. If you're new to trading, or want to start- there's plenty of experienced traders who will generously help you out and set you in the right direction. The new trading website & bot they have been showing teasers is something new, and will bring the best out of traders. 5 stars

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    awesome ranking system

    GrowleR#9866September 21, 2021

    never seen anything like this where users have more engagement.
    best of all its free

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    best trade alerts

    oner#2059September 21, 2021

    high quality alerts. when to buy - when to sell

    easy for new/beginner traders to make winning plays

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    Best upcoming trading server

    trey#1002September 21, 2021

    High win rate alerts with large gains
    one of a kind trading system- you tell the bot each of your trades (it checks against current market price to prevent cheating) and it records it and tracks your stats. there is a leaderboard to see who the top traders are.

    hands down the best trading related server on Discord