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Town Madoka is a small town located towards the southeast of the capital city of Phisiyas. It is a town known for its affinity towards magic. The town is a hub for adventurers, treasure hunters, and aspiring heroes. It is home to some of the biggest adventure guilds in the country and it is also nestled right in the Silver Road, a major merchant route. The town has a growing population of talented individuals, an economy for adventure, and a never-ending curiosity for discovery. Many legends were born here in this little town, will you be the next?

══•°• Features •°•══


🌄 • SFW & Wholesome Community – Friendly staff, welcoming members, and generally a wholesome and supporting community.

🌆 • Gaming, Anime & Social – Gaming events and tournaments, and daily anime icons, wallpapers, and content.

🌁 • Currency & Shop System – Complete quests, level up, upgrade your skills, and earn gold to spend on the shop!

🌾 • Role Play System – Create your own characters and write your own story with no limitations.

⛲ • Variety of Hobbies – Gaming, Reading, Music, Movies, Art, Memes, and more!

⛺ • Clean and customizable layout – Free from clutter, and easy to navigate.

🌉 • 10+ Game Bots - Tatsu, Gartic, Mudae, Anigame, Dank Memer, Strodl, Piggy, Yggdrasil, and more!

🌅 • 170+ Cute Emojis & 40+ Color Roles

...and more!

P.S. We are always open for partnerships!

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