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Love .io games? Join us today! We are a friendly and welcoming community of .io gamers that love playing .io games! Our community is based on popular .io games such as,,, and more!


What do we have to offer?

「🔨」 Meet the developers of more than 70 .io games, including,,,,, and even!
「🎥」 Talk to more than 30 .io content creators, including Nation, LeeZY, Cacti Fin and more!
「👥」 Meet more than 1,000 friendly .io gamers who love .io games too!
「🎮」 Compete in our daily Game of The Day challenge!
「🏆」 Try to get the highest score on our .io leaderboards!
「🎉」 Participate in regular .io events!
「📑」 Want to find more .io games? Check out our full list of them!
「😄」 Custom emojis, fun bots, a levelling system and so much more!


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Join The .io Army - the home of all .io games.

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3 Ratings
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    Best server that i ever have joined

    MonsterPieIo#6368February 26, 2022

    Very good server

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    Great server :D

    Mrs. AstraZ Prime#8567July 20, 2021

    Personally, I haven't seen a server that isn't based on one .io game. Here you can chat about all kinds of different .io games, or if you just want to chill and talk to people. It is very well made and organized with a very friendly and active community. Definitely recommend

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    An awesome server!

    AnitechPalur#3093June 25, 2021

    This server is completely focused on .io games and I love it! The channels and roles are fully set up, and there's an awesome levelling system which unlocks perks/channels as you level up! The community is really friendly and welcoming and the server is pretty active. There's also a game-updates channel where actual .io game developers post their updates! There are also regular events, a daily Game of The Day challenge and a leaderboard for .io games! Would definitely recommend people to join.