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Are you interested in finding a gaming community that hosts dedicated video game servers? Have you been looking for an online gaming community that offers custom content you can enjoy? Do you want a place to meet friends and start groups to play video games together? Survivors vs Survivors is an online discord gaming community that hosts several games such as Rust, Minecraft, and 7 Days To Die. Gamers of all audiences are welcome to game it out on our dedicated gaming servers.

Community Promise: Hello, everyone! Welcome to the official gaming community of the Survivors vs Survivors community! You've finally found the place you can call home for all your gaming and entertainment needs! We give an upfront promise and expectation towards all our community players that we hold ourselves to a high standard for providing the best content available in the current marketplace. We promise our players this will be a safe and family-friendly environment for all audiences to interact with each other.

Community Professionalism: At "Survivors vs Survivors" we ensure all our support team members and fellow staff members are properly trained to handle high-stress situations and resolve them in a positive light. We only accept and hire the best that applies to ensure our players are safe and can remain trusted in our efforts to make this the best community they've ever been involved in.

Our views: At "Survivors vs Survivors" we stand firmly with our community regarding their safety and enjoyment within our communities. We cannot promise to handle situations that occur outside of the community. Still, we can ensure any concerns that arise inside this community will be handled professionally and respectfully. "Survivors vs Survivors" does not support nor show any political biases towards any groups in the real world. This means we are one of the few communities that will tell you up front this is a place to relax and enjoy and have a good time and not fight each other over political parties and such. This is not a place to discuss "BLM/KKK/LGBTQ" or other groups and topics of that nature. This is a gaming community, and we want to ensure that everyone can relax and not be stressed out when playing on our servers. We show strong support towards our military veterans and local heroes within the real-world communities.

Check out our discord community today and see all the hype is about!

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