Supernatural Realms

Are you a fan of the Buffyverse and Supernatural? Then join us as we hunt and slay the Supernatural. We are a welcoming SFW community for fans of supernatural-themed TV shows and movies, especially the Buffyverse and Supernatural TV series! Join our weekly re-runs of supernatural-themed TV shows and movies! We are a family with a supportive staff team that ensures our server continues to be a safe environment with zero toxicity. join the family! We don't bite!

🧛 ➟ Loads of awesome reaction roles
😎 ➟ Many cool emotes and stickers
💫 ➟ Additional emote servers
🤖 ➟ Multiple fun bot games
🎊 ➟ Exp. level-up system with role rewards
🩸 ➟ Many horror discussions
🔥 ➟ Supernatural the series discussions
👱🏼‍♀️ ➟ Buffy the Vampire Slayer discussions
🧑🏻 ➟ Angel the series discussions
📕 ➟ Buffyverse books/comics discussions
🎭 ➟ RPG category for our role players
😱 ➟ Horror movie streams
🔪 ➟ Supernatural the series re-runs
🪓 ➟ Buffyverse re-runs
🎉 ➟ Plenty of events including:
┈┈┈┈▸ Role Plays
┈┈┈┈▸ Music Nights
┈┈┈┈▸ Trivia Nights
┈┈┈┈▸ Game Nights
┈┈┈┈▸ Giveaways
┈┈┈┈▸ Birthday role for your birthday!

All completed with our personalized Lucifer and Buffy bots!


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