Shottas┃Social & Chill

Shottas┃Social & Chill, An Active And Chill Community Made Just For You

Shottas┃Social & Chill, An Active, Chill and PHENOMENAL community where you can make friends and meet new people! There is a vast array of giveaways, roles, emotes, to win, choose and use!!!

💬 Active Chatting Server, with a variety of channels to talk about the things you love, gaming, music, anime etc.

⭐️ 60+ ASTONISHING Discord Emotes, with more added everyday!

🚀 $500+ worth of giveaways (5 One Year Nitro Giveaways)

🎎 Anime, gaming, meme channels, "AMAZING" server design & and OC!

🥳 Fun & Active Social And Chill Community!

💎 Exclusive Booster Perks Such As VC Perms & 2x Entry To All Giveways When Your Boost Is Active!

🎵 Active Voice Chats & 24/7 Music Bots!

🤖 Amazing Bots: Dank Memer, Carl, Owo, MEE6, Yggdrasil, Octave, Rythm, Groovy And MANY MANY MORE!

🎮 Gaming, Gambling Channels With Dank Memer Other Bot Channels!

💻 Friendly And Nice Staff Ready To Support & Moderate, Ensuring The Safety And Privacy Of Members!

🌈 Very Organized And Welcoming Community!

💫 We Want You To Join Us In Shottas┃Social & Chill To Help Us Expand Our Community! 💫 JOIN US TODAY!!!

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