Scratch Community

Our server is a great place to talk, share ideas and collaborate beyond the limitations of Scratch. Careful moderation allows us to maintain a community unconfined by comment sections, while keeping our members safe and free from judgement.

This server is NOT an official extension of Scratch, and is not sponsored or connected with the MIT Media Lab or the Lifelong Kindergarten Group. This server is a community-hosted safe space offering creators another outlet to connect, share ideas and produce content.

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3 Ratings
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    Walking talking shooting garbag#3419December 7, 2022

    11/10 server right here

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    Amazing Server for Scratchers!

    Scroenix#4024December 5, 2022

    The server is an amazing place for talk with other scratchers. Most of the people on the server are very active and nice to others. The server have events like giveaways, contests, challenges, and there's also forums for project-help and assets which I think it's really helpful. The only thing I think the Server could add is channels for different categories (Animation, Art, Games, etc | I don't think there's channels for those so yeah). Else, the server is really awesome and cool.

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    Great server to hang out in!

    Toaks#8808December 5, 2022

    This server is well organized and has places to get help and show your own projects. The mod team is helpful (although I might be biased since I am one of them) and the community is mostly nice. Overall, the only thing I would change in Scratch Community is to make the weekly/monthly/other programs done in the server actually happen.