What is the server all about?

Rocketbit is your companion in understanding the market, cryptocurrencies and stock trading. We are focused on building a community and network where we share experiences and knowledge, teach technical analysis, share handpicked projects and most of all having fun.

What do we offer?

By joining us, you will have the opportunity to learn from some of the best traders in the community. We will provide you with lessons and knowledge with only one goal in mind: allowing you to trade on your own, based on your freshly new learned skills.

We have 2 tiers within the server:

Sharing market analytics and discussing potential movements
Long term market trades
Chart requests
Helpful publications
Academic main stage
Communities in Nederlands, English, 日本語 and 中文.

Dedicated Crypto channel where we:
Share market setups
Long term movements
And have interesting conversations

Dedicated Stock channel where we:
Share market setups
Long term movements
And have interesting conversations

Sharing handpicked upcoming projects
We handpick whitelists for potential gems

Private 1:1 lessons.

These lessons are the best way to grow up in trading crypto assets via a tailored tuition. The sessions include all trading skills, security, mindset and more based on your needs in a custom way. The goal is to give you more confidence in technical analyses and give you an opportunity to grow.

We have 2 tailored solutions:

- 1 hour private 1:1 session
This will give you a very good starting point in this numeral universe.
- 1 month private course
This is where we will have a session once a week and audit your market analysis.

The server is a way to learn more about trading and get a better understanding. By offering these services we hope that we can become a community in which everyone can learn from each other and possibly give opportunities to those in the server.

Come and join us!

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