[RORP] Republic Of Roleplay

──────────⊱RORP - REPUBLIC OF ROLEPLAY⊰───────────

☆☆☆ What is RORP? ☆☆☆

☆ Republic Of Roleplay is a new gaming community focused around a professionally developed FiveM server.
☆ Although a new server, the staff have been handpicked from people who have sought out being a part of a community that wanted to delve into the serious RP community, so we aim to make the experience for everyone welcoming.

☆☆☆ What're we looking for? ☆☆☆

☆ We're seeking those who are interested in being part of a friendly and serious RP community. Being experienced or new to RP is of no relevance to you being part of the community.

☆☆☆ What we offer? ☆☆☆

☆ A unique roleplay experience, with a highly customised framework we offer a server like no other.
☆ Active admin team who are always on standby to deal with any reports or issues.
☆ We are making this a place for people to make new friends, engage in serious and mature role-play situations and build your own empire, or even just have fun with friends in role-play settings.
☆ We also have a dedicated development team who work behind the scenes daily to ensure further development and to overall make the server a better experience for everyone. Join our discord to see what we are all about.

☆☆☆ Our Gaming Server ☆☆☆

☆ Police / EMS ☆ Gangs ☆ Custom Clothing ☆ Custom Businesses ☆ Player Owned Stores ☆ Custom Housing ☆ Illegal Substances/Jobs ☆ Blackmarket ☆ Imports ☆ Custom MLOs ☆ +MUCH MORE ☆

☆☆☆ Welcome to The Republic of RP! ☆☆☆

☆☆☆ Join us today! ☆☆☆

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7 Ratings
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    Great server with huge potential

    TheRambler#1683November 25, 2021

    I joined the server while it was still in the beta phase and the continuous improvements that the developers and staff team make on the server is fantastic to see. The server really stands out as a community server that listens to it's members and delivers every time!

    The city is full of a lot of content giving us so much opportunity to roleplay how we want.

  • User Icon

    drxpy#0002October 2, 2021

    RORP has so much shit to do such as Custom Drugs, Active Staff, PD and so much more, come join rorp and call for JJ ;)

  • User Icon
    diary of the wimpy of a kid the last straw @clixy

    clixy#0002October 2, 2021

    great server stable base active dev team and ste is a good person

  • User Icon
    Great story and Mechanics!

    Grimalitism#5315October 2, 2021

    This is my favorite server, by far I've played on roleplay wise. Devs actively fix things, listen to the people, and the members are great too!

  • User Icon

    lynX#7257September 30, 2021

    Great server, stable base active dev team.

  • User Icon
    Dope Server

    l0calh0st#4503September 26, 2021

    Great server with an evidently active development team, continuously working hard to evolve around what the community would like. 10/10

  • User Icon
    Serious Roleplay

    Imperial_Scurge#5825September 8, 2021

    Great for streaming, amazing RP and helpful staff