Raving Ravens once started as a gaming community for a group of friends, and has slowly changed into a 200-people Discord server where we hang out, play games, watch movies together and more! Besides this we also help each other out with graphic design, filmmaking and game development as we have a bunch of professionals in here. And if you're not interested in this, that's fine too! We're also just a bunch of people willing to talk, and just chill. Even if you just need some company.

We're a very friendly driven community, so we expect you to be nice and respectful! If you do so, you will be welcomed with open arms. Do note that you will need a RAVEN role before you can enter the server, but no worries! The admins are fast on helping out!

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10 Ratings
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    Awesome community

    Mordavius#2295January 27, 2021

    I joined this server in March of 2020 for Minecraft.

    This server is filled with the nicest and most helpful people I have met on Discord. Because most people in the server are in the creative field, they're very good at giving feedback and are happy to help.

    I recommend everyone to join if they want a fun time on Discord.

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    Title of my review

    lee#4381January 27, 2021

    Nice place full of mostly netherlandese lads, joined it cause Pemy is a good friend and nice twitch streamer, everybody in here is nice and also big nerds and WEEBS

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    Amazing vibes

    Brayonzee | Graphic Designer#6475January 20, 2021

    This people on this server are simply amazing, each of them. I have been in the community for 5 years now and I still come to hang out with them. There is always someone that is willing to play a game, hang out in voice chat or giving feedback on your creative work! There are many talented creatives in here with each there own specialization. The vibe here is just amazing, its something you have to experience yourself. So why not come say hi!

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    Awesome & Friendly community

    Shibi#5346January 20, 2021

    I've been in this community during many iterations, for almost I believe almost 9 years now, one of the oldest members, and I still love them all to this day, always fun in the Discord, and I love the variety of people in it, there is always someone who plays the same game, have the same interests and even share the same experience from jobs/hobbies, always fun to chat and really friendly community that even sometimes hosts gaming events, movie nights! Which is super great during pandemics!

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    Talentful and chill community

    Gasleiding#6259January 20, 2021

    A wholesome community with a lot of different people. They all have different talents and are eager to help you go on your way. You need some help with design ideas? Doesn't your code work but it needs to be done tomorrow? No problem there are alot of people that can help you. No problems? Then join the voice chat to have a relaxing conversation or watch a movie together. You want more action? These people aren't afraid of games either!

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    A relaxing discord server, very friendly

    Sir Alex#1938January 20, 2021

    I have been part of this Discord server since it started (about 5 years). And all that time I have not found a server that's as active with kind people as this one. People are always open to chill in a call room or just have a random chat in one of the chatrooms. Its also a discord thats really open to new people. There are many rooms with different interests you can look into. If only to take a look I really recommend this server!

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    Wonderful Community

    MadameRose#9487January 20, 2021

    I've only been here a few months, but I've grown very fond of many people and wouldn't want to miss it. It's definitely a good try to join if you need advice in many fields of work or if you want to spend hours of watching a film together or just gaming together. :)

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    Friendly and chill environment

    Stroomkabel#5415January 20, 2021

    Since I've joined this server the only thing what bothers me is that there aren't more people on here! The community is really wholesome and helpful in a lot of different ways. When someone has a bad mood or has had a bad day everyone tries to cheer each other up. There is also a broad catalogue of expertise present here and all of them are always up for helping one another with any problems they may have.

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    Server worthy of try

    Puppa#9320January 20, 2021

    I have entered this server just to stay in touch with a friend, but I have found other amazing people thanks to it. There are people from different countries, with different hobbies and jobs, but all of them are friendly, warmhearted and welcoming to anyone who joins. If you are interested in designing, coding, art or just gaming you will always find people willing to help or play with. And if you have a bad mood you can just chill and talk with the community. One of the best servers out there.

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    Friendly and Supportive

    DePemy#1234January 20, 2021

    I have been around this Discord for about 5 years now. It's a very friendly server where you can basically go to with any problem or if you just want to hang out.
    The community is great and it's filled with professionals in the fields of Game Design, Videography, Photography, 3D and 2D design!
    This discord also offers a place for streamers and their communities. If they are affiliated they can link their Twitch subs.