Pontusu Karadenizion #NOWAR (greek turkish friendship)

We are a server for friendship between Turkish and Greek and south italian people.
Together we will eliminate outdated rivalries, and make friends across borders.
It is commonly known that Turkish and Greek governments often test each other. Do not be intimidated by this!
It is absolutely necessary we keep the peace and love each other, as we are brothers.
Together we will discuss methods to stop fanatism , spread art and culture, folklore gaming and remember our honorable pasts.
We also discuss the ancient Hellenist religion, and tengrism and its virtues.
It does not matter if you are diaspora, or are just an interested foreigner, you are all welcome as our friends.
Greeks, Turks, south italians and other brothers of ours, unite, and let us discuss without fighting each other for once.
For sometimes all we need is a view from the other side of the Aegean, a change of perspective. and we are going to make our lands rich we shall make greece and turkey and magna grecia great again and WE ARE FIGHTING FOR HUMAN RIGHTS AND HUMAN FREEDOM AND PONTUS AND OTHER RIGHTS WE STAND STRONG TOGETHER MAY WE DANCE ZEYBEKIKO ZEYBEK MAY WE DO THE COUP E TAT ANGAIST THE GREEK GOVERMENT AND ERDOGAN AND WORK TOGETHER AS ALLIES AND NEIGHBOURS TOGETHER WE WILL THE WESTERNER THE RUSSIANS AND CHINESE

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