PhoenixReloaded is recruiting..!!!

We're a lvl10 war-oriented clan, assembled by veterans from across the clash community. We are friendly, engaging, fun loving, yet competitive clan when it comes to crushing our enemies with non toxic environment. Loaded with all kind of clashers starting from crazy farmers to insanely strong current meta attackers that reflects on our amazing and strong war log with a highest win streak of 11 and a 77% win rate.
We have connections with in the clash community that bring fun, engaging clash events, friendly wars and possibilities for league opportunities.
We take the sccwl seriously with an amazing record, promoting us every season since the start, currently at Masters 3. We are that balance of war serious, friendly, and fun.

What we have to offer:

* league experienced members.
* connections with clash community full of all kind of opportunities.
* fun and engaging clash events.
* arranged wars.
* league opportunities.
* no minimum donation or maintaining anything called donation ratio.
* full tier clan games each and every season.
* fully developed discord server.
* premium bots like burntbase bot.
* hero down clan for faster upgrades
Currently accepting unrushed:
**Th12** *50/20/20*
**Th13** *65/65/30/5*
**Th14** *75/75/50/25*

Still not sure? Hear about what others have to say about us by some amazing Clash Podcasters:

Crystal2Join Podcast: PR Leaders Interview
Crystal2Join Podcast: PR All Air War

Also, a recap of one of our recent fun all air event on youtube- Magnus Gaming

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