Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create an invite?

Creating an invite is super simple!

First you need to go to the server you wish to create an invite for.
When inside the server, select which of the channels you want your invite to point to.
Hover your mouse over the selected channel, and click the icon with the text Create Instant Invite
In the drop-down menu of "Expire after" select Never.
Leave the "Max number of uses" on "No limit".
Click blue button saying Create new invite.
Copy the link from the box - it should be begining with https://discord.gg/ followed by some random letters.
Open your Discord.io dashboard by going to www.discord.io and clicking the Login button.
Write your custom alias in the "Custom Alias" box - this is the text that will show after Discord.io/.
Paste your newly created discord.gg invite in the box that says "Permanent Invite".
Click the Personalize button.
You should be prompted with a green notification, telling you that your invite was personalized.
You can now copy the invite, and share it to your community!


What is your Pro membership?

With a Pro membership you unlock the full potential of our site.
You will have full access to all of our features, including country/device-targeting, custom Splash pages, exclusive short aliases and much more.
To view all the features, click here.


What are "Splash Pages"?

A Splash Page is the transitional page being showed before redirecting users to your discord.gg invite.
We use Splash Pages to circumvent the default DiscordApp embed being showed in text-channels.

If you are a regular member your invites will use our default Splash page.
If you are a Pro member, you will be able to edit your very own Splash page.
You can edit the banner, the logo, the title and the description.
Changing the logo, title, and description will also affect how your custom embed shows up.