We are a Social Clan created primarily to bring chill, friendly, non-toxic players together for good conversation, forging new friendships, and ultimately to recapture that original community-oriented MMO experience that we all grew up loving as being a part of RuneScape. In addition, we host skill competitions to help motivate each other by instilling competitiveness, as well as to help dull the monotony of those long, sometimes tedious grinding sessions. We do occasional mini-game events, bossing events, and other group related activities as well. While Clan members are not required to participate in any competitions or events, it is encouraged. Privately organizing group events within the Clan is also highly encouraged as well. Although we do have requirements for being Ranked, there are no requirements to be in the Clan Chat other than following the Clan Code of Conduct. Overall, we are more like a Community than a Clan in the regard that we revere chill, friendly, non-toxic players willing to help each other over anything else. With that being said, we do have some rules that must be followed and failure to comply will result in a warning followed by removal from the Clan if problems persist.

If this seems like it may be the clan for you, or if you would just like to come hang out, please read our Code of Conduct in the "CC Rules" section in Discord and feel free to join the Clan Chat anytime.

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