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About NoVaVeterans

NoVaVeterans is an on-line PC gaming community that thrives on camaraderie and friendship and welcomes all gamers that are associated or indeed any who play PC and video games from all over the World.

We have a small membership that consists of members who originally played the Novalogic Delta Force series from day one, hence the name NoVa Veterans.

Even though we as a group have evolved from other squads/clans we have a strong sense of unity and have a desire to meet as many gamers from all game types to share our passion and expand our gaming community so all may enjoy.

Please drop by our gaming website and say hello in the discord.

What does our servers offer:
➜ CoD4 new experience
➜ Bots in the server with pretty good skill
➜ B3 admin tool.
➜ Active staff.
➜ XLR stat tracking.
➜ Live Ban List.
➜ Custom death stats.
➜ Final Killcam
➜ Better FPS and FOV.
➜ Custom B3 commands.
➜ Artillery strikes
➜ Predator Missiles
➜ AC130
➜ Nuke
➜ And lots more!

Our Servers
➜ All Maps UK:
➜ All Maps NA:
➜ 24/7 Crossfire UK:
➜ 24/7 Crossfire NA:
➜ Freeze Tag NA:
➜ Paint Ball NA:
➜ Search & Destroy NA:
➜ Bolts Only NA:

Social Medias & Other Links - Facebook Page - Steam Group - Live Ban List - Live Servers - GameTracker - Discord Invite - Donate Link - Twitter - YouTube - Instagram - Clan Applications - Ban Appeals - Ban Reports - Events

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1 Ratings
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    Non toxic community, safe gameservers.

    G4b1tz#4117July 19, 2022

    This clan has managed to create a great community for all ages, and is keeping, among various other games, the cod4 community alive. They run great and safe servers and they try to always evolve. Until now I don't regret joining them. Keep it up guys.