NCRP | Recruitment

Welcome to North Coast Roleplay!

North Coast Roleplay is now open and recruiting. Join an established and active community focused on providing a realistic RP experience for all members.

Once LSPS, then NCRP, and now NCRP V 2.0, our Command Staff has taken all feedback and experience from prior iterations and is dedicated to bringing the best possible experience that we can. Leaning on over 15 years of combined experience in leadership roles within many communities, you can be assured that the Community is designed from the ground up to be the best possible for our Members.

NCRP is a fully whitelisted community, only allowing Members on patrol after being interviewed, screened and trained. NCRP features custom EUP, scripts and vehicles and is under constant development, and we use daily feedback to adjust the server to the needs of our Members.

Departments open

  • San Andreas Sheriff’s Office
  • San Andreas Communication Services
  • Civilians of San Andreas

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    Davidka7777#4152June 4, 2022

    a játék nagyon jónak vélem
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    The best

    ~°Patsioyras°~#9843September 9, 2021

    The best server