Neverland Scumbags

We would love to welcome you to Neverland Scumbags!

🔎 Search: Neverland Scumbags
🌍 IP:
👫 Player slots: 70
✅ PvPvE
🎤 Discord:
📈 BattleMetrics:

Server showcase by Brian The Badger Gaming:

Server perks:

✅ 3.5x loot
🚤 Faster NVME SSD (reduced lag)
🚤 Increased CPU priority (reduced lag)
✅ Weekly events
✅ Weekly treasure hunts
🚗 Max vehicles
🤖 Balanced bot shop
🤖 No pay to win
✅ Cars will despawn when not used for 5 days
✅ 2 PvE sectors
✅ PvE bases cannot be raided
✅ Mostly PvP areas
✅ Raiding PvP bases only on weekends
💣 Mines only in flag area
✅ Build almost everywhere you want.
✅ No building in cities and POI's
⏰ Server restarts every 6 hours
⏰ Restart times: 00:00 CET, 06:00 CET, 12:00 CET and 18:00 CET
🌙 Short nights (approx. 30 minutes)
✅ Active admins (EU + US)
💟 Lovely community (EU + US)
✅ Faction system
✅ Player driven traders
✅ Player driven black markets
✅ Increased animal population
✅ Mechs are ON
✅ Mech damage = 0.1x
✅ Zombie spawn rate = 2x
✅ Zombie damage = 1x

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