We are a mature and friendly multi-game clan, which formed in January 2005.

The clan began playing Counter-Strike Source, and we quickly began to focus on Public Servers. This has developed into building communities of regular players across multiple game titles and genres, and yes, before you ask, we are mostly middle aged, except Googy, who is old as balls…

MAG is well known for hosting PVE servers for DayZ… We have been the number one server in the world for PVE on Multiple occasions.

Our clan has excellent admins and some great regular players, the DayZ PVE server is busy every night due to the way in which it is run. We don’t allow swearing or personal abuse on our servers and because of this, our clan members and regulars are respected and enjoy spending time on our servers… This is the model that we use across all of our servers and interactions, we encourage respect, openness and honesty…

As well as DayZ, we still run CSS servers, which have a loyal cohort of players, both from within the clan and from outside. We have popular public servers for DayZ, Rust and CounterStrike Source.

Some of the clan also play, Elite Dangerous, PUBG, and Call of Duty, World of Tanks, WOW, and Age of Empires along with a multitude of games and genres that you may like.
Firstly we would like to thank our community and the players who continue to play on our servers, your support has been unwavering and for this we wish to say thank you.

We at MAG regardless of the servers you play on, wish everyone enjoys gaming, in a safe environment, with their friends.

King Regards The members of Middle Aged Gamers [MAG]

Date: 28-12-2022

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