Jaden's Empire

Welcome to Jaden's Empire!

A Discord server that values YOU! We encourage fun and kindness in our community as well as entertainment. There are multiple things to keep you interested and proactive in Jaden's Empire. Here's a little summary of what we offer.

What the server offers:

> Nitro and Dank Memer giveaways as well as other occasional events!

> Over 200 emojis!

> Level 2 Boost Status (better audio and stream quality as well as bigger uploads!)

> Kind and uplifting community that are always willing to help you out!

> Active Voice Channels!

> 24/7 LoFi Music Channel!

> Frequent Movie Nights!

> Fun Economy/Entertainment Bots (Dank Memer, Farm Bot, Counting, Simon Says and more!)

> Active Support and Moderation!

> Self Promotion Channel!


come say hi and check it out!

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These are all of our emotes!