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the H.I.G.H.V.E.

•Server Highlights include:• ·.

ɞ❀ʚ support for small-time Twitch Streamers: regular networking & Gaming Events!!

ɞ❀ʚ SO MANY ROLES: there's bound to be some corner of the server you fit in!

ɞ❀ʚ laid-back & active growing community / members open to many different topics!

ɞ❀ʚ TONS of fun interactive bots! shinobi battles, sell tacos in your very own taqueria, & more!

ɞ❀ʚ FREE astrology readings, reminders for full moons, & other witchy tips from brujas!

ɞ❀ʚ ACTIVE designated 420-friendly sesh VCs after confirming you are 18+ !

.•°。☆ 。。☆。★。\|/。★ 。☆。☆ °•.
Anyone who is 18+ can join! Bring ya friends, tell ya wives! We hope to see you there!
Your future pals are waiting for you on the other side of this button! What're you waiting for?
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