.•° ✿ °•.°•. • ₊°✿ .•°.•°•❀•°•.°•. ✿• ₊° .•° ✿ °•..•° ✿ °•.°•. • ₊°✿ .•°.•°•❀•°•.°•. ✿• ₊° .•° ✿ °•.
❀ • *₊°Buzz on in to our 18+ LGBTQ+ 420-friendly Gaming Community!.✿

✿ Voice Chats are almost always active!.❀

❀ Our laidback staff host frequent server-wide events; we've got giveaways galore & TONS of roles to find others to play & sesh with!.✿

✿ BEE part of the HIGHVE Community today — you're only a click away!.❀
.•° ✿ °•.°•. • ₊°✿ .•°.•°•❀•°•.°•. ✿• ₊° .•° ✿ °•..•° ✿ °•.°•. • ₊°✿ .•°.•°•❀•°•.°•. ✿• ₊° .•° ✿ °•.

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7 Ratings
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    Love it here!!

    thegremlin#5615October 3, 2022

    Inclusive, kind, goofball community space

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    Good Vibes in the HIGHVE!

    WannaGetHighe#3774April 24, 2022

    The HIGHVE is a fun and welcoming community that provides a comfortable and inclusive safe haven for members of the LQBTQ+, Stoner and gaming communities! If you're looking for a server with active Voice and Text chats, helpful and present owners and moderators, and a place to take a break from the real world, the HIGHVE is the perfect server for you!

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    Best Server Around

    GitchyGitchy123#0420February 3, 2022

    Love these guys to death, been here for about a year and they don't put up with any BS. Also have automated verification for bots which is awesome.

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    RTEX_Itachi#4623September 24, 2021

    Got Banned as soon as i join its really sad how that happened (No offense)

    If you want to Contact me My Discord is
    Or my Server

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    only place I regularly hangout

    Peanut.Butter.Waffles#7950September 7, 2021

    this little grouping of people has been where I call home since joining! VCs are always active or just 1 ping away from being active and everyone is so welcoming and friendly!

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    came looking for friends, found family instead

    sylvie ꔫ#0001August 27, 2021

    it's not everyday you're fortunate enough to meet a group of people like this. this server has been my 1st check everyday server, and pretty much the only one I'm active on (except my own), for only a few short months, and already i've made friends i know will last for years and years. there's something really special here, and i'd encourage anyone looking for somewhere warm and welcoming with BANGIN bug to stop in for some unlimited soup salad and breadsticks ♥

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    My favorite server

    dont_mess_with_jes#4733August 20, 2021

    The Highve is where I spend most of my free time because it's a great community of people who love to play games. I love that at the end of the day I have a safe space to connect with amazing people who just want to vibe and have a good time :)