We're an Anime and Gaming friendly server. We're welcoming any and everyone. We have different chats for different things. If you want to speak of gaming? Go on ahead! Want to speak of Anime? Feel free! Just want to get to know the people and have a good time, come on in!
˚.➴· Welcome to hM ︿︿ ˖ ॱ ੭
(This server was created by a cosplayer well known on tiktok @localdumb4ss)!!

Ad astra abyssosque Travellers~ Are you looking for a chill and friendly community? Or perhaps a place to meet new friends for Genshin~? Or maybe just a server for both, Anime and different gaming communities? If you are, then IDFKATM is the community for you~! ༉‧ ♡


♡⁀﹒What our server offers:

╰➜ Friendly community & a great place to hangout in~! ✦˖・

╰➜ Anime nights and many more events (COMING SOON!)⁀

╰➜ Genshin related bots and channels which provides leaks~! ࿐ ࿔

╰➜ Many bots to mess around with ˖ ॱ ♡

╰➜ Trying to build a helpful staff & experienced players~! Also QnA and team building channels for advice~! ✩‧₊˚


↳ ❝ Are you interested? Do you want to know more info? ❞
✎ ୭ Come join and be apart of our community? Our Almighty Shogun will await your arrival there~!・(OUR DISCORD SERVER WAS MADE BY A SMALL TIKTOKER AS WELL. (Cosplayer) @localdumb4ass (248.0K followers)❤︎

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