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Gaming Lounge

Hi, welcome to Gaming Lounge! If you are looking for teamates to play on any platform, then this server is made for you! Come check out our server and have fun with many other people! We have a nice, chill staff team who constantly moderate all aspects of the server and advanced bots all configured to keep you safe.


What We Offer:

{1} 🎉 We have free steam keys, free NITRO, and other GIVEAWAYS!
{2} 📣 We have self ads channels to advertise your servers
{3} ♾️ We are OPEN to Partnerships and Dm Affiliates!
{4} 📜 We have Easy to Follow Rules and Guidelines!
{5} 😎 We have Chill Staff!
{6} 🏅 We also have Reaction Roles that cut down on @everyone pings!
{7} :clapper: We organize Movie Sessions!
{8} ✅ We are 100% SFW and 100% LGBTQ+++ Friendly!
{9} 😋 And SO MUCH MORE!

Check us out at ⇒ Gaming Lounge ⇐
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