Free Games Notifier™

🎮| Never miss out Paid Games that are Currently Free with Free Games Notifier™! We are Notifying YOU when new Paid Games Become FREE for a Limited Time for you to Claim Them to Your Account and Keeping them Permanently.

🕹️ | Some Popular Platforms we Notify You When Limited Free Games Appear are: Steam, Epic Games, Microsoft Store, GoG, Uplay, HumbleBundle, Itch, Microsoft Store, Nintendo Switch, XBOX, PS, Google Play, Apple Store, Indiegala and Many More.

🎁 | We also Make Weekly Game Keys/Nitro Giveaways.

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    Doggo#9677November 17, 2022

    F gym stop gfff JJ

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    Does the job

    Yellow [YT]#5111February 2, 2022

    This is an extremely organised discord server, which tells you when games become discounted or free. There is 4 separated free game channels, each being for different platforms, the only exception is channel no 4, which covers the sites that are not listed in the other channels. There is also a dedicated channel for game updates and deals, these are sourced from reddit. You have complete control over the notifications, and you can select if you want to be pinged on a per channel basis.

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    Sad_kat#7755December 25, 2021

    Its soo fake

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    djkfkc#3509December 18, 2021