MAG FamilyOfGamers

Well maintained DayZ PVE server with a vibrant community and helpful, friendly admins. Join us!

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10 Ratings
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    Great PVE server!

    darcan#6913June 5, 2022

    Been playing on Deerside and Cherno and must say I am loving it. Friendly helpfull people on both.Great job to the admins and players alike.

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    looking for somewhere to call home?

    MrMadnessMD#6809May 11, 2022

    I decided to start playing dayz again as a gap filler due to boredom I saw this server on the launcher and decided to join because the name fit me. I've not been here long and the people I have met are very kind and friendly, admins have been super helpful and fair. this server makes me want to get on more and play some DayZ. So 10/10.

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    Awesome Pve Server

    Jessiebella#3027March 16, 2022

    Great community and Admins

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    Best PVE server

    AntiBanQ#7333March 16, 2022

    If you're looking for a good PVE server to hangout with ur friends that has awesome admins and a great community, this is the place!!

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    Best PVE server around

    balderdash#0119March 13, 2022

    I've been playing on the MAG servers for a long while and find the community helpful, fun, and friendly. If you're looking to explore DayZ but aren't looking for a bunch of PVP action try the MAG servers out. Non-toxic, no stick fun.

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    Great friendly server

    Cully4299#9594March 13, 2022

    Great friendly server.
    Great players and staff a like

    Plenty to do and explore with the high balance of mods - performance

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    The best PVE server you can play on!

    MiliBrat#4835March 13, 2022

    i've played on Middleagedgamers servers for a while now and must say that the servers deliver more than they promise. The admin crew is very helpful and always present, the team works hard on making sure everything works flawlessly and they go above and beyond to assist anyone with any issue. They are consistent and finding these servers has been a real treat!

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    Simply the Best

    Azryel#2691March 12, 2022

    The MiddleAgedGamer servers are the best. As a long time PVP player when I joined back in Oct 2021, I did not know how I would like PVE. I quickly fell in love with MAG because of the Admins and Community. It is truly one big family on the servers. It's the type of place that doesn't tolerate nonsense and where you can meet life long friends.

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    WujeQ™#8659March 12, 2022

    Lovely and helpful community, great admins.

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    Hotwaterheater#5124March 12, 2022

    For anyone looking for a chill casual DayZ server this is the one i can always recommend, plenty of friendly and helpful people around and the server staff is one of the best i ever saw in a game so far. Been around on the server for some 2 years now and planning to stick around for many more 20/10 would recommend
    sincerely VeggieMan