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Our Server gives you 24/7 German/English support. There are regulary giveaways, daily new scripts and unique ones.
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3 Ratings
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    Germanleaks | Discord

    Remzo#7775November 20, 2021

    Hello, everybody.
    I met at that time on Germanleaks because I was looking for good scripts. Germanleaks gave me almost everything I needed. What I was looking for, I got from a team member. All in all, I can give the server a 5 out of 5. I’m really convinced and now I’m part of the “project” as a developer.

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    Review to the Server

    zRynzs#9430November 20, 2021

    The Server is good, the scripts are unique as told in the description. I only give 4 stars because the support replies takes sometimes a bit longer than told, but the support is kind and very helpful. I can just recommend it if you need good script or help if you have any errors. Support is 24/7 that is right but as I said no fast reply everytime. Sometime it goes really fast, big thanks for it!

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    Wonderful Support

    Alovia#1289November 20, 2021


    first of all, thanks for reading my review.
    For all the server owners, I own a FiveM Server myself and know what I do. The Scripts in the Discord are unique and free. As you see, you get 5 stars because of many servers scripts aren't that good and the support is worse. On GermanLeaks I never thought the support is that good. I just can get you a thumb up, if you don't believe me, look yourself. They have many scripts/map and much more you can look into it.