Dash Of King

Farm points to be able to buy your weapon and emoji skin.
It's a web based games where you can play with your PC or your mobile.
A discord server is accessible on the following url https://discord.gg/f2XNbFM6Ut
We invite you to join our subreddit and post your gameplay on https://www.reddit.com/r/dashofking

It's a very simple game, with easy-to-use controls.
There's no experience required to begin playing, that means that people can get the hang of it very quickly.
Despite this, the game is difficult to master.
The simple, clean graphics are also worth mentioning as a relevant characteristic of the genre.


Just click to dash and kill your enemies!
Every king need a crown right ?
Catch the crown in the center of the map, or kill the actual king !

On the map you can find different bonus like green and red apple.
Survive 30 secondes in the battle royal zone and take the mega bonus !

Collectible items

Dash of king has different form of collectible items that drop everywhere.
The most common, at least at the early stages of the game, are heart


King of dash is developed by I.T ingeniors that are passionate about gaming. Based in France.

Release Date
April 2022 (Android and iOS)
April 2022 (HTML5)

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