Dark Domain

Prepare yourself to enter the domain ruled by the darkness. We are welcoming you to the DARK DOMAIN
An Epic Pokémon and Anime Based server. Purely made by pouring a soul into it, to make it the Utopia for fans like you.

We provide several features that make us deserve your stay.
❖ The place that made it suitable for every user in Discord to come, talk and make new friends.
❖ Highly active, supportive, and friendly staff.
❖ Special events that will make your day special.
❖ Many of the popular bots in our server, like Dank Memer, AniGame, Pokétwo, OwO, Akinator, etc.

And where it comes to Pokémon,
➾ Most famous Pokémon Bots
➾ Daily Giveaway, and which will let you make your collection, far better than it is now.
➾ Daily Incenses, are you ready to catch some pokémons? because we are here to provide daily incenses.
➾ Active Spawns, hope you don't like to be bored, cuz once you come here, you won't get any chance to get bored.
➾ Catch Events, Special Events, etc. hope you like to compete with your friends. Take some of the rares into your collection, and become the greatest of all.
➾ Battle with your friends, show them your true power. Become the Champion of the server.

And much more!!
Wanna know?
Then what are you waiting for?
Join the DARK DOMAIN now!!

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