Danger Zone Livonia [HC]

XBOX | Danger Zone Livonia | Hardcore

Hey there survivor! Are you looking for a challenge?

If you are tired of boosted loot, laggy and poorly coded servers, and restricting rules - stick with me for a minute,
and let me introduce you to the Danger Zone!

This is a 50 slot, m&k enabled,whitelisted Xbox Hardcore Livonia server.

What can you expect?
-Survival is harder (have to hunt&fish for stable food source)
-Zombie hordes (up to a 100 zeds without lag, spawning in deeper in the woods)
-Dynamic zombie spawns
-Revamped wildlife
-In game currency, which can only be obtained by killing zombies
-No restricting rules (play how you want, kos, rp, pvp, pve, all welcome - there are some QOL rules though)
-Weekend raiding
-Good server performance
-Build your gun policy (bigger guns spawn without attachments)
-Custom areas (all made to be an organic, fitting place to the map)
-Custom Gas zone down south, where you can find all the high tier attachments, guns and equipment (getting in is harder)
-Quality of life mods (cars spawning in garages, stuff spawning where they should be)
-Reduced ammo to make sure you count your shots
-Events (sometimes)
-Stable server upkeep (we do not rely on donations)
-Helpful and very experienced staff
-A welcoming,no trash talk, currently new community waiting for like minded people

If you feel like you would try yourself out in this challenging apocalypse setting, we welcome you with open arms

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