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DISCORD.IO Coins is the virtual currency used at our website.

Coins are used across our site to unlock Premium features, and to help your server get even more exposure.

When you create a listing with us, you can use Coins to unlock extra features, such as setting a custom banner, enabling reviews, or editing your embed.
Any features bought with Coins will remain unlocked, and does not need reactivation.

Boosting with Coins

As well as purchasing a DISCORD.IO Boost Subscription, you can also use Coins to further boost the position of your listing.
When you insert Coins on a listing, the position will increase. The more Coins a server has, the higher they will show on the frontpage, in search results, and in related listings.

Any Coins used for boosting the position of your listing will be valid for 30 days, and will automatically be removed after this period.
So make sure to keep inserting Coins, if you wish to remain on top of the boards!


DISCORD.IO Hearts is the Free virtual currency used to purchase upgrades.

Hearts can be used interchangedably to purchase upgrades for your Invite/Listing.

You will automatically be granted a starting capital of 250 Hearts, which can be used on any invite/listing for unlocking any features.
These features will be locked to the Invite/Listing where used, and will remain unlocked without the need for reactivation.

Getting more Hearts

You will automatically get hearts for Bumping listings on our site, so make sure to keep bumping your own listing to be able to unlock new features!