Chamber Of Secrets

🕵 Chamber Of Secrets 🕵

A server to hangout with chill people and make new friends!(this is not a porn server), new people daily, non toxic server

we're a new server and it's not always super active,please don't come in just to leave instantly, come say hi and stick around

🎙️ | Voice Chat
🎥 | Movie Nights (vote for a movie every saturday night and watch it with us) also a documentary during the week
🎮 | Games (connect 4,uno,blackjack, scramble and many more)
🤖 | Bots(weather bots, horoscope bots, general fun bots)
🤳 | Selfies
🎵 | Music Bots(listen to music over voicechats with us)
😺 | Pet chat(Show us your pets)
🎵 | Chatters-got-talent(have a talent? show us!)
📸 | Photography-room(share pictures from all around the world)
🔞 | We allow over 18s but are mostly focused on 25+(average age is around 30)
🍕 | Food-chat(share cooking tips)
👗 | Fashion-chat
📉 | Growing server

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