Blue Line Gaming

Here at BLG we have a vast selection of ways for you to roleplay. As a hybrid ESX and FivePD server, you will always have something to do! We offer 3 full time LEO departments that are all state wide. A full time state wide Fire Rescue. We have the San Andreas Health and Safety Office, which manages our Fire Marshals, Medical Examiners, and SADOT. Our server is packed full of premium scripts and resources including a fully functional ambulance/stretcher script, evidence collection, fire tools such as deck guns and jaws of life, as well as almost all of our emergency vehicles. We also have a ton of free and premium interiors for all police stations, hospitals, and more!

Our community is open for anyone and everyone! We have an active staff team ready to help you with anything they can! Join us today to see what all more we have to offer!

You can visit our website for more information: (Website is undergoing a face lift)

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2 Ratings
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    Great Group of people

    lpseesall#8009February 4, 2021

    While, yes I am part of the owner group, I can honestly say I have yet to meet a better group of people. With this community, there is no lack of things to do. Want to Be a Civilian, Awesome. Want to Be a part of a department? Great which one, we have 5, soon to be 6. Take your pick and enjoy the fun!

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    Best RP community ever!

    Maverick___#0014February 3, 2021

    Well yea it is my server but I love the value of RP that our members provide!!!