Blaine County Superior RolePlay

Blaine County Superior RolePlay

What is BCSRP?

Blaine County Superior RolePlay is a new upcoming FiveM roleplay server carrying the most advanced scripts, eup, vehicles and maps! Kkajo#4522 and Noremac#4740 created BCSRP as a whitelisted community a sooner turned it around into a public server, reason being is we want a more suitable way to interact with our community instead of applications for everywhere you step!

Okay, but how do you stand out?

Great question, the team over at BCSRP have worked over 2 months to bring this server together and we've spent a lot of time and effort into building this community to make sure it fits for every type of player. We have sections towards the Civilian hub as well, we have many choices for such as, running for the cops and living your life the hard way! Or maybe you'd want to join in and fight crime and help protect the city in it's finest? Or you may even what to become both! No matter what you want to do, come give it a try!

Amazing, but is the server finished?

No, although we have the best and most active developers on our side helping push this servers limits like you've never seen before! But to answer that question honestly, our server will never be finished and will be under going updates and changes every month adding new content and adventures for your characters!

How do you push updates out?

Okay so, every 5-6 months or every 50-70 members we push out "versions", Let me break that down for you.. Let's say hypothetically we hit 50 members or the server has been up for 5-6 months we will release Version 2.0, that being a neat and collected whole new experience to RolePlay and especially in this server! 2.0 will bring amazing new scripts, vehicles, departments, developers and so much more!

So if you feel like you've got what it takes then come on down and try it out, we promise you won't regret it!

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