Number one blackbear Discord community! We discuss bear's music, provide updates from his social media feeds, host listening parties, and offer other community events like game nights. While that's true, this place is of course not limited to just blackbear, but we can all come together as his fans.

Post your favorite lyrics, memes, music, and even your own creations here! You can also expect a question of the day related to blackbear and friends. Suggesting your own is encouraged, but keep it between you and staff 'til it's asked :)

blackbear (Matthew Tyler Musto) is an American rapper and singer who has dabbled in R&B, electronic music, radio pop, trap, and most recently punk rock. In his extensive discography, he's most commonly known for "hot girl bummer," "do re mi," "idfc," and, most early on, "Cars, Clothes, Calories." He's written and produced several songs for other artists, including "Beautiful Mistakes" and "Echo" by Maroon 5, "Memory" by Kane Brown, and most famously "Boyfriend" by Justin Bieber.

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