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First of all, we wish you all a Happy New Year on behalf of APES. ❤️

After our first great success: APES Deathmatch, we'll release our APES Chernarus server in 2022. Our new server will be HIGHLY PvP focussed and it will feature plenty of custom clothing, guns and mods to go with it.
There's still a lot that needs to be done, but it's gonna be a GREAT server for a PvP experience.

Some of the features:

  • A wide variety of 50cal's, 408's and other high caliber guns as well as (custom) CQB guns, which can be found quite easily at our custom areas.
  • A lot of custom militaries and areas for optimal PvP, along with 2 Black Markets and a Contaminated Lab.
  • Plenty of open world events, such as: KOTH, Airdrops, robberies and custom events.
  • A well balanced and thought-through economy.
  • Custom made valuables and collectables that can be sold at the Contaminated Lab.
  • A wide variety of different gear, clothing and cosmetic items.
  • A lot of 'quality-of-life' changes, such as: No grass, no leg breaking, no sickness, no stunlock etc.

Join our Discord and get involved, we'll be beta testing the server soon!

Mods used on our server:

  • Trader
  • Code Lock
  • BaseBuildingPlus
  • InventoryPlusPlus
  • zSpawnSelection
  • Unlimited Stamina
  • King of the Hill
  • Enhanced Banking
  • AdvancedGroupSystem

Join our Discord and get involved, we'll be beta testing the server soon!

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