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All Names®

I am a designer who has recently started with NFT art. My name is All Names®. It may sound perplexing but it is my artistic name.

I want to invite you to join the emerging close-knit NFT community.

Why you should join the All Names® server:

  • We discuss the latest NFT news and trends. Have you heard about the Coinbase beta NFT marketplace? This marketplace can make a lot of noise in the NFT community... On the server, we have discussed how it differs from OpenSea or Rarible.

  • Our team shares useful resources about the promotion and creation of digital art and NFTs. As an artist, you may wonder whether support funds exist for creators, or how to organize a giveaway on OpenSea.

    • We share and exchange opinions on coming drops and giveaways. What do you think about the Art Apes Club collection? Why is it so popular? My opinion is already here, it is time to share yours.
  • I will announce my coming drops and giveaways shortly. Do not miss it!

  • We will just have a good time.

We will try to keep things fresh and clean.

Follow All Names®:

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Twitter - | Every post in brief plus jokes and memes

Reddit - | Here, we publish long-form content, namely: howtos, guides, and tips.

Do not miss anything!

IMPORTANT: if you want to sell something, we do not buy anything (promotion, moderation, administration, etc). This server is only for people interested in NFT and crypto.

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