⟪🇦🇺 - [⟫-----Wicked Emus-----⟪] - 🇦🇺 ⟫

[WE] is about playing together with vc or without.
We are playing different games in the server, examble: Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5

The Wicked Emus name came from the Emuwar in 1932.
Emus won the war against Australia.

⟪ - [⟫-----About-----⟪] - ⟫

We are making daily events in the server.
Also we make once every friday or saturday, tryouts.
You can invite people to play with you a game that you like to play.
This server doesn"t have a official game that we have to play, you can request your own favorite.
This server isn"t that serious also, we aren"t roleplaying in this server.
We have three different divisions in the server, two of them everyone can join and the
last one is for the tryout winners.
⟪You can see more information in the server⟫

⟪- [⟫-----Ranks and Ranking up-----⟪] -⟫

Wicked Emus has a lot of different ranks.
There are too much ranks to say them in here.
You can level up by being active in the chats or in the voice chats.
Also higher ranked people can get ranks easily by hosting events much as possible.
You can apply for event host rank, the requirements are in the server.
⟪More tips in the server.⟫

⟪- [⟫-----Rules-----⟪] -⟫

No racism or anything that can harm other people.
Do not threaten other people.
Do not DM advertise anything.
-You can only advertise your faction or a group in Self Promotion channel.
Respect everyone.
Do not post NSFW or anything offensive or inapporiate content.
If you get caught by breaking those rules, it can cause you get banned or get in banland.
⟪More in the server.⟫

⟪- [⟫-----Invite-----⟪] -⟫

Thank you if you join, hope that you can help creating a nice community!

You can invite people to the server by sharing this link:

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    5 stars

    yess#1007June 27, 2022

    Nice community and fun in the server.