Vexxed System

Hello! We are the Vexxed System Server, and we are a server mainly focusing on chilling and special roleplays with lore. We also have the following features:

  • System friendly, with proxyfox ONLY in non roleplay channels.
  • Chat for little, middle, and new HEADMATES only, including trans bot to try out pronouns and names, and a little lock role for when little headmates are fronting with an adult.
  • Several cool bots that do not support nfts, such as zira, littlecloud, marriagebot, birthday bot, dice maiden for rp, and more!
  • MANY roles, each for many different reasons, including color roles and permission roles, along with ping roles.
  • Helpful info in a channel about systems and many other things.
  • Very lax and chill staff, with a friendly, small, kinda inactive community that could become active with you.
  • Nsfw channels with furbot, including a stoner chat for if its legal in your area.

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