Torian Hangout

Torian Hangout

This is a friendly community, gaming, art, and chill discord server! In torian we have got a puch of stuff that you will like, we got 24/7 Moderation, 24/7 music bots, and more to come soon. Overall torian is a fun and chill place to be.

(Server is having daily updates, so you might see more stuff that you will like even more.)
═══════════════ What do we offer ═══════════════
25 Emojis that will make you're conversations even cooler. (More to come)
We got exclusive channels, once you have reacher the requirement there will be a lot of cool stuff you can see.
At this moment we are working on our new bot, Torian Moderation it's going to be in dyno's place as a moderator bot.
We got 24/7 Chill music stage, there you can just listen to chill music, and having a chill time.
We have active staff member's including the owner him self, if you want to chat with him (me), then you should do it.
In the future, we will be hiring a lot of staff members, so you should join to have a good chance.
═══════════════ What do we need ═══════════════
To reach our goals.
To have more active member's.
To have a big community.
═══════════════ Coming to the server ═══════════════
A bunch of nitro giveaways once we have reached our big goals.
A bunch of custom roles for people that have supported us during this time
A bunch of events with prizes, like: Discord nitro, or cash.
═══════════════ Partners ═══════════════
We have got partner ships ready to use
We do not have any requirements at this time.
═══════════════ Please Join Our Server ═══════════════
Our current goal is 100 members.

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