The Veil

Story and lore-driven DayZ Roleplay Server with imaginative low-fantasy and sci-fi elements, created and developed by roleplay veterans.

The sphere of roleplay is niche, but filled with passionate individuals who are typically not content with the coastal massacres and violently brief encounters that comprise the vanilla DayZ experience. The Veil was created by a group of friends who all share a passion for storytelling, and collectively have tens of thousands of hours spent immersing themselves across different mediums. Our aim with The Veil is to enable you to tell the stories you want to tell, engage with others’ stories, and experience a world rich in lore and atmosphere. We’ll set the stage, but we welcome all of the actors and the parts they have yet to play.

Server Features

⚆ 100% role-play server with no KoS/RDM unless in one of the marked zones

⚆ Friendly community server powered by community decisions for expansion and changes

⚆ Unique lore boasting both low-fantasy and sci-fi elements

⚆ Breathtaking Deer Isle map, with custom additions and secrets

⚆ Drive the lore of the server with story-focused community events

⚆ Regular updates ensure new and exciting experiences

⚆ Large weapon pack tailored to keep you satisfied with exotic weaponry

⚆ Intruders? No problem, code lockable bases are here

⚆ Express your individuality with custom clothing, masks, gear, and unique collectables

⚆ Fly a custom flag with your friends, and mean business with custom
armbands and clothing

⚆ Have a skill? Custom content designed by the community and staff

⚆ Find your friends in the apocalypse with GearPDA. Read it in Discord, too!

⚆ Player ran traders and economy

⚆ Last but certainly not least, an active and passionate Admin staff who ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience

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