TBA- Formerly The Kraken

the revival of the The Ravagers community
[PC] 3PP The Kraken Namalsk US#1 | PvP | Missions | KOTH | 200k ATM | LEADERBOARDS |
EX (1/3) Ravagers FOUNDERS OF #1 3PP NAMALSK (KAPPII not a owner but founder of the ravagers+ some of ravager staff you may remember with Vendetta at the helm of @Lead Developer)

3PP The Kraken Namalsk US#1 | PvP | Missions | KOTH | 200k ATM | LEADERBOARDS |

IP: -namalsk & Chernarus W.I.P.
-Server Exclusive Weapons & armor

  • SNAFU, MVS, and many more!
    • 60 slot namalsk server (will expand slot size if activity rises)
    • Cars and trucks with all doors + wheels as well as chance for engine parts.
    • 200 zombie count on the map for performance
    • slight increase to animal spawns and herd/pack sizes
    • Slight boost to weapon count
    • Custom Missions!
    • Plenty of added extra items not found on official servers
    • Safe zone player spawn points in Tara and between Lubjansk and Vorkuta
    • Slightly increased availability of tools
    • Reduced amount of "junk" loot on the map
    • Base raiding Online/Offline
    • 200k starting cash
    • Clans/Groups players are welcome
    • 300m radius no kill zone around SZ
    • 1km no build area around SZ traders(edited)

-English Only in Side-chat
Kapp welcomes you

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