⭐️BritishEliteRoleplay ⭐️

Is a british based fivem server that is fun filled with action packed scripts to get u where u want to be in your role play life, roleplay here will be done serious our aim is to be a busy server with people calling it home we have many different roles available in game for criminals and service jobs that will definitely keep u busy depending on what you choose to do that is. Down below is what we have to offer.

Westmidlands Police force Hiring all departments

NHS Paramedics Force Hiring all departments

Kwik Fit Repair And Recovery looking for Drivers

Redline Performance and Dealership All Departments Available

Bennys Original Motors Vehicleshop Upgrades Engine Swap etc Is Hiring All Departments

We also have:
Icebox jewellery store job
Cookies depository store job
We have All of rainmads heists for you and your team to get stuck into,
Train heist
Pacific Bank Heist
Casino Heist
Fleeca Bank Heist
Kidnapping Scipt
Humane Labs Heist
ATM Robbery

We Also Have Gang In Server (No Setup Cost)

We also have to offer:
We have all of Ak47 patreon Scripts That Bring Your RP To the Next stage
We have multiple different drugs u can make and distribute Weed,Meth,Spice,Lean,Xpills
All labs are free to use and locations are teased in discord sections.

You can also do NPC Selling of the drugs u made

You can also be a Drug Dealer just dont get caught

We have many many more things in place
Jump in come see for yourself join the family at TheBritishEliteRp Join our Discord to get started all information u need will be on there myself or my team will assist u in any possible way thankyou

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2 Ratings
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    One of the best

    Bluntz#6266March 26, 2022

    By far one of the best british custom servers, loads of custom jobs,cars and house, community is very friendly and staff are on form :)

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    elite british roleplay

    Pickles#3646March 26, 2022

    great server always staff on to help, great bunch of players, plenty things to do to make money e.g whitelist jobs, heists etc 10/10 good job team