The Attic™ | Social • Anime • Gaming • Emotes & Emojis

Are you looking for a place to chill, relax, vibe, and have fun all the while meeting new people from all over the world?
Perhaps a small place where you can listen to music while working or studying?
Our goal is to offer a safe place to be, all the while having as much fun as possible
💎┃ Fun server bringing you people from all around the world looking to socialize and make friends!
🔊┃ Active voice-channels & stages to have fun in!
🎁┃ Frequent Giveaways!
🌸┃ 200 emotes that you'd love to use!
💬┃ Active text-chats
💠┃ Custom bot with tons of features like vc-leveling, gambling and economy etc.
🌐┃A wide variety of fun-bots
🌀┃ An advanced staff team that ensure members-safety
꘎♡━━━━━━━And a lot more!

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7 Ratings
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    Jasonsaidhi#6147January 31, 2022

    Friendly small community

  • User Icon

    MineboiPlayz#5249November 2, 2021

    Active server, epic mods/admins. Should join :)

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    Had a blast

    Baggie#0189October 17, 2021

    This server is very fun and active, it's a great place to make friends and memories!

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    Chill place to hang out

    Pewdiepie poe#7831September 19, 2021

    The Attic has a very sweet and loving environment, filled with a diverse group of people, just wanting to spend time and chill together. Overall, it has a very nontoxic community that continues to strive for its members 10/10 would recommend 👍 👌

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    Feels like home lol

    Lia💖#6960September 19, 2021

    This place makes me feel at home, there are many kind, funny and loving people to have a conversation with. Whenever you are having a bad day or need a friend to talk to, you can come here. You start getting used to seeing familiar faces you get to have your own group of friends to talk with and still have fun.
    Its also well staffed and have plenty of great mods and admins to keep the peace!

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    Been here for half a year

    Jesus Christ#2070September 19, 2021

    This is my home server, I don't go to many others :-)
    There are people who are pretty active and will likely become your friends
    People play music, sing, and stream games

    If you want a home server, this is the place.

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    A Great server

    Neto#6000July 22, 2021

    I enjoy this server a lot it offers a wide variety of channels with fun people to talk to. Rather active for a small server too. 10 our of 10. Will recommend