Welcome to SunnyVille! We are a city that is centered around generating unique role-play experiences for all our citizens. We are focused on creating long-term epic story arches, Leaving a lasting imprint that ultimately generates long-term memories. We have re-developed the framework in such a way it gives all citizens the ability to find opportunities to build and grow their unique empire and careers while empowering them with great role-play and storylines. There is no going from rags to riches overnight in our city, you will need to spend time within the city making deals, fostering the right connections, and choosing the correct path.; We do encourage Gang RP as long as there is a strong storyline supporting these actions. This means a murder should have a meaningful reason behind it, and a supporting conflict between rivals that ultimately leads up to the shooting event. We want to see people developing meaningful life actions that culminate in situations that show strong RP and realism. SunnyVille has a unique and highly trained Law Enforcement Department(LEO’S) that will provide core justice in day-to-day interactions that will evolve into long-term, in-depth investigations. These investigations will be geared toward building cases that can be tried and defended in front of a Judge and defended within our legal system. We do not condone or encourage the hero cop ‘win’ mentality and instead try to create fun and memorable interactions that still uphold the law. We will require and support gathering evidence for building a case, culminating in criminal arrests and potential convictions. This system will change how citizens will react to the city laws by having real repercussions to breaking the law and viable legal interactions in court.

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