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    shit on#1604March 20, 2021

    yes yes yes yes i think i yes yes

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    Soazr#9682March 20, 2021

    this server is pretty good lol

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    inseen kp

    Schaht#7088March 17, 2021

    i really like this server because it is active and looks cool!

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    Very nice

    sasha👑🎆🎉#1027March 15, 2021

    This is a good new server!

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    Server review

    Steamk#6064March 14, 2021

    its a really nice upcoming server liked it already

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    Nice server

    swaza#9507March 14, 2021

    So I just joined this server, and I really felt welcomed. Really nice server! Good job :)

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    TryHard#2940March 14, 2021

    Its a nice up and coming server!

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    Shiny Bitch#6796March 14, 2021

    This is a really good server to hang out with new people, really good server! :)