Scotland RPC

Scotland RPC
✗ About Us

Welcome to the beginning of an epic story set in Scotland

You need to make that money! Get on your grind legally or illegally, whether you want to roleplay as a hardened criminal looking to rule the city, or simply want to relax and wash some stones at the beach, jobs include: RAC, uber, and Garbage Collection with friends; to buying and selling drugs, robbing stores, and stealing exotic vehicles.

Take a visit to the job centre at Job Centre and find a position that works best for you, or find yourself fighting to be running the city with your gang. This is Scotland

✗ What we have to offer

• Gangs 🥷
• Racing 🏎️
• Several Black Markets💰
• Custom Clothing 👕
• Whitelisted Jobs ⚖️
• Wide variety of import vehicles 🚘
• Criminal Activity (a range of different things such as drugs, guns, heists, robberies, etc.) 💊
• Legal Activity (a range of different things such as uber driver, mining, mechanic, etc.) 🚚
• Player Own-able Mechanics 🤝
• Active Server Development 🛠️
• QBcore Based Server 👁️
• And much more!

✗ What we are currently looking for

• Staff ⚙️
• Streamers 💻
• Serious Roleplayers 👫
• Active NHS 👩‍⚕️
• Active Police 👮‍♂️
• Active Server Mechanics 👨‍🔧

✗ Important Information
Discord server:

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