Kingdom of Dawn Eos (Fantasy ERP || BDSM Education)

Welcome to Eos!

A magical port Kindom on the continent of Dramos secluded by vast mountains. You can find everything you need here and more. A fresh start? Work? Slaves? If you can think of it, it's here.
Eos is comprised of multiple separate districts, named for various gods and goddesses from our Earth mythos, as well as an enormous sky dock located to the north of the kingdom.
This dock in truth is home to Dramosโ€™ 7 Pirate Lords, each different in their own rights and goals and each with a bargain to not kill the other. They have eyes and ears all over the docks, and even a few ears around Eos itself.

Part Community and Part RP server we are a 18+ server with a friendly staff. Password gated to ward away bots and potential raiders we also keep NSFW content out of anyone not ID verified by Us, Chastity, or trusted partners.

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