** 🌸彡˚₊ Heyo This Is The Server Rosé And This Is What We Offer! 🌸彡˚₊

🌸彡˚₊ Shop Roles ( More Stuff To Come! ) 🌸彡˚₊

🌸彡˚₊ Play With The Owner’s Bot If Wish To 🌸彡˚₊

🌸彡˚₊ Positivity Category 🌸彡˚₊

🌸彡˚₊ Hangout With The Owner & An Admin 🌸彡˚₊

🌸彡˚₊Listen To Music 🌸彡˚₊

🌸彡˚₊ Share Your Art 🌸彡˚₊

🌸彡˚₊Share The Latest News If Wish To! 🌸彡˚₊

🌸彡˚₊Check In’s To Check How Your Doing! 🌸彡˚₊

🌸彡˚₊ Have Fun 🌸彡˚₊

🌸彡˚₊ Takes Requests & Suggestions For The Server 🌸彡˚₊

🌸彡˚₊ Partnerships If Wish To! 🌸彡˚₊

🌸彡˚₊ Random Polls 🌸彡˚₊

🌸彡˚₊ QOTD & AOTD Channels 🌸彡˚₊

🌸彡˚₊ Customize Your Roles 🌸彡˚₊

🌸彡˚₊ We Are A Friendly Community & Still Are Waiting For Our First Members To Join! 🌸彡˚₊

🌸彡˚₊ Have A Lovely Day/Night🌸彡˚₊**



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